If you haven’t heard of the Glam Grab Accessory Auction, you should really look into it! They are only on Facebook, but every Monday evening and Wednesday morning they host an accessory auction. This is where they post picture after picture of current trends in accessories and Facebook followers of their page go on and comment “grab” on the items they would like to purchase. Once the auction is over they then get the contact and billing information from the “grabbers” so they can send out the items! It’s a pretty neat concept if you ask me.

But I am actually going somewhere else with this post. About once a week or so they also post pictures (like the one above) of accessory giveaways. Followers usually have to like, comment on, and share the image on Facebook to be entered into the contest. Well…I did just that with the picture above and about a week later I became the newest owner of these pieces! I was so excited! They posted a comment on the original picture letting everyone know who the winner was and asking them to message them with their shipping information. I was so surprised when I saw my name.

maxu skirt 009 maxu skirt 010 maxu skirt 011

Glam Grab 1456

And to keep on the topic of winning contests…Back in October or November, I entered a similar contest but it was with Painting With a Twist (mentioned here). I commented on, liked, and shared one of their statuses and won! My prize was a gift certificate to PWAT for $90.00 and two tickets to this amazing beer tasting in Tallahassee called BrewFest. The BrewFest was back in October, I took my boyfriend, but today I am finally going to put my gift certificate to use and my roommate and I are going to PWAT tonight to paint the Georgia Poppy! Pictures to come later this evening.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from our Painting With A Twist adventure this evening.

IMG_2126 IMG_2130

Have you ever participated in one of the Glam Grab auctions or have you won one of their contests? What did you purchase and did you absolutely love it?! I definitely love my new watch and bracelet.