Tutorial Tuesday – Fix Broken Powder Makeup

I’m sure this has happened to every make-up wearer at least once. You dropped your pressed powder blush or bronzer and it broke into a million little pieces. Well I have a trick for you! Unfortunately I didn’t know about this a few years ago when I dropped my favorite powder as a college freshman. But I know it now!

I found this trick on Pinterest a couple of years ago but I don’t remember where. Here is what I like to do when my bronzer starts to get on the sparse side. I save it and get a new bronzer. Once the new one is sparse is when I do this trick.

*I apologize for the poor quality photos.Tutorial Tuesday – Powdered Makeup

1. I start with both bronzers that have giant empty space in them.


2. Next you break one of them into tiny pieces.


3. Dump the tiny pieces on top of the other bronzer



4. Now you need rubbing alcohol. Pour a caps worth of the alcohol on top of the bronzer


5. Mix the broken pieces around on top of the solid pallet with the rubbing alcohol and your finger or a spoon. Smooth it out.


6. Let it sit out, open, over night. The alcohol will evaporate and you will have a whole new solid powder to use that will last you at least another month.

Enjoy! This can work for all broke pressed powders. I’ve done this about three times now and it has definitely saved me money. Instead of throwing out what I can no longer use, I save it until I can break it and extend its use longer.


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