Breakfast Sammies for a Week

I found the greatest idea on Pinterest not too long ago and told myself that as soon as summer starts and I am working everyday I will make these in my new kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to have to wake up earlier than I already do just so I can make a good breakfast. But since we all know it is the most important meal of the day, I do need to wake up early enough so I can at least have time to eat something. I found two great recipes here and here about how to make your own freezer breakfast sandwiches. So I have decided to share with you all my version of this recipe. I combined the two.

I made enough for 10 sandwiches. Five for myself and five for the boyfriend.

First things first. You will need English muffins (or bagels, or flat breads or whatever it is you choose), cheese (I used white American), eggs, bacon (and/or sausage) peppers (any kind you like!), milk (to scramble your eggs).


Lay your English muffins open on top of a cookie sheet.


Place them in the oven and put it on BROIL. Leave the door open and watch them carefully, you don’t want them to burn, just to be a nice golden color. My oven broils unevenly so I got some burnt ones…booooo.



I diced up a half of a green pepper to use in the scrambled egg mixture.


Scramble your eggs with milk and add salt and pepper to taste. I used 11 eggs total for 10 sandwiches. I wanted to keep it slightly on the healthier side so I used egg whites but added in four (out of the 11) of the yolks for flavoring. While it is healthier, there wasn’t much flavor to that so I may add more yolks the next time I do this. They were still quite good though. Add your peppers to the mixture.


Make sure to butter the entire pan so the egg slips right out when it is done.


Pour HALF of the mixture into the pan (you will repeat this step with the second half of the mixture so you can make the rest of your sandwiches). Stir it a little bit until it sets. Then flip it over so the other side can get cooked.

photo 4(1)

What I did here was cut them into five pieces then flipped them to cook the other side. But in the future, I will fold it in half, omelet style, to make the egg thicker for the sandwich.  Then let it cook then cut the pieces into however many I am making.

photo 1(1) - Copy

While the egg is cooking, place your cheese slices onto one half of a muffin. Then add the egg when it is done.

photo 3(1) - Copy

After the egg, add the bacon (and/or sausage. My boyfriend wanted sausage on his as well so we added it to his set of sandwiches).

photo 2 - Copy (2)

Place the top of the muffin on the top, and voila! You have a breakfast sammie.

photo 3 - Copy

Now wrap it in a napkin then in foil. Then throw in the freezer until you are ready to have it for breakfast.

photo 4

I heat mine in the microwave for 1:30 then let it sit for a few seconds afterward to cool down.

I hope you all enjoy. It is delicious! I highly suggest it for a quick on-the-go, healthier breakfast alternative to McDonald’s or Jimmy Dean. Do you have any fun breakfast recipes you love? Please share!! And let me know if you try this out. I’d love to hear any feedback or hear about how yours turned out.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Sammies for a Week

  1. This looks too good for words. I am not even hungry but you’re making me want to eat! Definitely want to eat these .. thanks for sharing!! xo

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