Welp. I Guess I Just Graduated

As you can see, I changed my headline from “A day in the life of an almost college graduate” to “A Day in the Life of a Recent College Graduate.”

Yes. It happened. It has been almost a full week since I graduated from the Florida State University. The ceremony was long, and slightly boring, but completely worth it. Almost my whole family traveled to Tallahassee to come see me walk across that stage.

Now I have just moved in with my boyfriend since I will be in Tallahassee continuing my internship til July, and hopefully (fingers crossed) longer. But until I know if I am staying or going, I can’t get an apartment of mine own. This will be good though, I get a dog and a kitchen. And I have to wake up at 7:30 every morning to get to my internship, which is five days a week. It’s like I went from graduating straight into being an adult. I don’t hate it.

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