Almost Graduating

So I’ve been really awful with posting lately, but as it is the last month of school, I have been beyond busy. Papers, presentations, tests, work, internship, date functions, sorority mom’s weekend, cap and gown pick up, senior bar crawl, graduation pictures and lots and lots of Candy Crush. And on top of all of that, I just haven’t been sure what all to write about. I recently came across a few things I want to do. And I will have a ton of time once I graduate to be able to write more. I will have no homework and after school work to do. I just have to go to my internship from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday and I will be free once I get off. With the occasional late days at work.

Today we spent the afternoon taking graduation photos around campus with the graduating seniors in my sorority. Below are a few of the pictures I took with my closest senior sisters.


Kappa Senior Grad Pics 1493

Kappa Senior Grad Pics 1509

photo 4

And this past Friday we had our senior bar crawl.


senior waltz 1474

senior waltz 1483

senior waltz 1488

I am really excited to graduate but I am also really sad. I’ve had an amazing four years with these girls but I am looking forward to being in the real world…minus the adult responsibilities. But it comes with the territory, I guess. And tonight, I am going alum from my sorority. Lets hope I can hold it together.


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