“The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”

I worried that I would run out of things to write about for this blog. I don’t feel like I am worldly, philosophical, fashionable, knowledgeable, etc… enough to have well-written and interesting things to write about. I have been having trouble coming up with topics to write about on the blog. I search around on other blogs to see what and how they write to get ideas but sometimes it just doesn’t help.

Specifically, I would love to do outfit of the day posts but I am too awkward to go and have someone take pictures of me in my outfits. There are plenty of beautiful places in Tallahassee that would make perfect backdrops. But I don’t want to inconvenience anyone by having them play the role of my blog photog. I am a decently outgoing person but there are just some shells I have trouble breaking through.

I would also love to do Tutorial Tuesdays every week but I feel like I am not creative enough to come up with my own cool ideas for them. Or I just don’t have the time and money to go out and buy stuff so I can make it, especially if it is just to have something to post on the blog. I loved posting the maxi skirt tutorial, though. I had fun and I was able to get an amazing new skirt out of the process. I also was making the skirt because I wanted to, not just so I would have something to post.

I want this blog to be a lifestyles blog and one that people can look up to an admire, but I fear that it never will be, not because I don’t know how to outreach but because I don’t have good enough content.

I fear that I don’t have enough opinions. And I don’t just mean opinions so I can write, but in every day life, and I am not confident enough to A. voice them or B. be decisive about them. I have opinions on things, who doesn’t, but I feel like I have trouble forming opinions of my own sometimes. As a said before, this goes for every day life. I sit in my classes that are based around discussion and, while I find the whole class completely enthralling and interesting, I cannot come up with anything to interject with. I don’t have anything to add because I don’t know what my opinion is. And most of the time I form my opinion based on what I hear my classmates say and only then will I be able to think “oh that’s a great point” or “no, I don’t think I agree with that.”

My hope is that as I continue to grow I will grow into these traits that I want to have. I want to be able to say that I am confident enough to form my own opinions, that I no longer feel awkward when wanting to take pictures for the blog, and everything else I said above.

Please share with me your thoughts and ideas. Or if you do or have ever felt the same way as I do and if, when, and how to overcame them. I would absolutely love and appreciate your comments.


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