Get Fit!

For the past month my roommate, Meghan, and I have been on a “fitness” kick. I put “fitness” in quotations because we aren’t doing anything to strenuous. In fact, what we do doesn’t take longer than five minutes.

Near the end of February, I found a fitness calendar on Pinterest. It had an exercise to be completed each day: sit ups, push ups, and a plank. Each day the reps and time increases. We began doing five push ups, 10 sit ups, and a 10 seconds plank. Today we are at 30 push ups, 85 sit ups, and a 2 minute and 15 second plank. It is brutal but in order to be able to last long, you must start small and work your way up. And it has definitely been working for us. Although we took a bit of a hiatus during spring break, we are back on track and will be done by March 31st. Just in time to start “Kick Ass April,” another calendar I found on Pinterest. This one seems intense., consisting of squats, burpees, and wall sits. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up. As long as we do it together, though, we maintain it pretty well. Which is why we went on a week-long break of Spring Break. Since both of us were home and not there to do it together, we found it hard to find the motivation to complete that day’s exercise.



This is the calendar at the beginning of our kick. And as you can see, we have initialed the boxes. This is how we hold ourselves accountable. By initialing next to the box after every time we complete that day’s exercise. Every so often we have to do it by ourselves because our schedules don’t match up and we’re not home at the same time to do them together. This way we know if the other did it. Plus, we usually like to take a picture of ourselves to send to the other roommate after we completed it…with a thumbs up ;)

kick ass april

We didn’t print the March calendar because we started at the end of February and the days were completely off but since “Kick Ass April” is so pretty we’ll be printing it out and hanging it on our door. Even though April 1st is on a Monday, we’ll have to keep that in mind that the days are off and we must go by the date instead of the day of the week. Making Sunday our Rest Day. We may even just cross out the days on this one and write the correct day over the wrong one.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how Kick Ass April goes. But first, we must complete March! We’re almost done. Please share with me any fun fitness routines you do. Maybe we can find something new after April ends.


2 thoughts on “Get Fit!

  1. I want a copy of it!!! I v been trying the same using this amaxing Nike training club apps- 30 minutes interval training and u sweat like crazy- but I lack motivation- I like to work out when it is warm-

    • Yeah, just take it from here! We’re starting April this evening. I’m nervous for all of the squats and burpees. My other roommate has used the Nike Training App and loves that as well.

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