Turning Turbans – A DIY

I’ve been MIA for a few days…but I’m back! This week is FSU’s spring break, and my last one as a student, so I have been away in the Florida Keys for a few days and just got back home yesterday evening. I wish I had pictures to show but I was the only girl with my boyfriend and three of his friends, I didn’t want to be “that girl.” You know, the one who is always asking people to take pictures for her. So instead I will have to just remember the memory of this spring break.

We took the boat out one day in Marathon, FL., and then the next day (we weren’t there for very long) headed out to Duval Street on Key West. While the others were hanging out in a bar, my boyfriend and I trekked to go find the Southern Most Point of the Continental US. For some reason we couldn’t find it at first. But with a little help we made our way there.

Aside from my short but awesome trip to the Keys, I wanted to share with you all how to make a no-sew turban headband.


I think these headbands are so cute and trendy right now, I’d even say chic. I plan to (hopefully) make a few more but with my sewing machine, but sew or no-sew, they have the same look. I bought two cute tank tops (size XL) from WalMart for only $3.98 apiece. Depending on the size you cut the turban, you can get two or three out of one shirt. One of the shirts changed colors from top to bottom so I was able to get two headbands from one but they are different colors.

I followed the tutorial from Chic Little Poor Girl but also wanted to post my own step-by-step pictures. Without further ado…here are the steps :)

1. Cut a strip from the shirt, I cut mine about 6 inches wide. The more fabric, the tighter it squeezes on your head resulting in headaches.Image2. Hold the strip in a circle and twist it once into a figure 8 shape.Image3. Twist it once more.Image4. Fold it over (with the two twists) into a smaller circle.Image5. Voila! You now have a knot-like connection, stretch it out and put it over your head. Image6. Enjoy and look super trendy! Depending on your fabric, you may have to play with it once it is on your head to make sure the wrong side of the fabric isn’t showing. ImageImage

What are your thoughts on the turban headband? Yay or nay to the trend? I think it is something you have to get used to. It is slightly out of my comfort zone for what I choose to wear. But you always need to take risks, even if it is just a fashion risk.


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