Sunday Style: The Perfect Spring Scarf

The Perfect Spring Scarf
1. H&M// 2. Loft// 3. Target// 4. Selected// 5. ahalife//6. Target// 7. Layla Grayce// 8. AWear
There is just something about the Springtime that makes me want to post about fashion. Maybe it’s because spring is my favorite season and I just can’t get enough of florals and bright colors. Plus I love the way a loose, light scarf can pull together a simple outfit in the warmer months. I also didn’t wear my scarves as often as I would have liked this past winter. I had them folded away in a drawer that I never look in so I often forgot about them. I want a reprieve on scarves this season to make up for that.
My favorite at the moment is the floral scarf by AWear with the blues, pinks and greens intertwined. I also really love the black and white floral Target scarf, which is really great because mixed black and white is on trend this season.
Please share with me your favorite springtime accessory as well as your thoughts on warm weather scarves. Do you think they are doable as the weather warms up? Enjoy!

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