Color Me ΚΔ

I ran my first 5K today. It was tough, mostly because I don’t really run. This past week I did run twice, however, so I could get prepared for today’s run. I’m not sure how much good that did though. The 5K was another sorority on campus’s philanthropy so it wasn’t set up quite like a professional run, although it was really great, but I wasn’t able to see just how long I ran before stopping. It was definitely over a mile until I did have to stop. I walked for maybe about a minute before I began running again and only stopped two other times after that. I did make sure to only rest at a slow pace for a short period of time so I could complete the race saying I ran a large majority of the way.

The best part about this 5K is that it was a Color Run! Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, and Yellow were the colored powders that were used. They looked so pretty all mixed together.

As I said above, I don’t usually run so I was very proud of myself for finishing in 31 minutes and there were still a bunch of people behind me.

Did I mention it was a windy 40 degrees out too, with no sun? Before the run began we were freezing and after registration we hung out in the car to shield from the wind until it started. We all had a dilemma  deciding if we wanted to run with our jackets on or not. Since mine is black I decided to brave the cold and run without it because I wanted the colors to show up on my white shirt. Fortunately, once I started running I warmed up, even though my hands were basically numb the whole way at least the rest of my body was warm.

Do you run? Please share with me any 5Ks or themed races you’ve participated in before. I think themed runs are so neat!


ImageMy roommate had orange thrown right at her chest and I somehow got every color thrown right at my face. ImageImage


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