Get Fit!

For the past month my roommate, Meghan, and I have been on a “fitness” kick. I put “fitness” in quotations because we aren’t doing anything to strenuous. In fact, what we do doesn’t take longer than five minutes.

Near the end of February, I found a fitness calendar on Pinterest. It had an exercise to be completed each day: sit ups, push ups, and a plank. Each day the reps and time increases. We began doing five push ups, 10 sit ups, and a 10 seconds plank. Today we are at 30 push ups, 85 sit ups, and a 2 minute and 15 second plank. It is brutal but in order to be able to last long, you must start small and work your way up. And it has definitely been working for us. Although we took a bit of a hiatus during spring break, we are back on track and will be done by March 31st. Just in time to start “Kick Ass April,” another calendar I found on Pinterest. This one seems intense., consisting of squats, burpees, and wall sits. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up. As long as we do it together, though, we maintain it pretty well. Which is why we went on a week-long break of Spring Break. Since both of us were home and not there to do it together, we found it hard to find the motivation to complete that day’s exercise.



This is the calendar at the beginning of our kick. And as you can see, we have initialed the boxes. This is how we hold ourselves accountable. By initialing next to the box after every time we complete that day’s exercise. Every so often we have to do it by ourselves because our schedules don’t match up and we’re not home at the same time to do them together. This way we know if the other did it. Plus, we usually like to take a picture of ourselves to send to the other roommate after we completed it…with a thumbs up ;)

kick ass april

We didn’t print the March calendar because we started at the end of February and the days were completely off but since “Kick Ass April” is so pretty we’ll be printing it out and hanging it on our door. Even though April 1st is on a Monday, we’ll have to keep that in mind that the days are off and we must go by the date instead of the day of the week. Making Sunday our Rest Day. We may even just cross out the days on this one and write the correct day over the wrong one.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how Kick Ass April goes. But first, we must complete March! We’re almost done. Please share with me any fun fitness routines you do. Maybe we can find something new after April ends.


Fabulous Finds

In the past two weeks I have made some fabulous purchases and received some amazing gifts (from my birthday). I wanted to go ahead and share them with you all. And hopefully I can pull off some great outfit of the days with them.

What are some of your recent fabu-finds?



This blouse was featured here and I loved it so much that I had to ask for it for my birthday. It is the best. It’s soft and billowy and very comfortable. This blouse is cute dressed up with slacks or dressed down with jeans. Perfect for both casual Fridays or a not-so-casual Monday.



My mom got me several dresses for my birthday that I wasn’t too fond of. So we went the day after and returned them. Fortunately we came across this dress in a pastel green color. It is extremely comfortable and I cannot wait to wear it to my internship once the weather warms up. While I own the dress in the green color, I was only able to find the navy version online.

pink peplum

Forever 21

Shopping today with my roommate I followed her into Forever 21 not intending to spend any money. But let’s face it, I can’t not go into that store and purchase anything. I found this pretty little number and HAD to try it on. I fell in love and it only cost me $14.00. What a great purchase.

floral blazer


I received this blazer from my older sister for my birthday. She both thought I would hate it and really like it. I had to tell her about 10 times that I did, indeed, like this. She had my new internship in mind when she purchased it.


Urban Decay

I have the Urban Decay Naked Pallet which came with a sample size of this primer. Let me tell you, it is ah-mazing. And since I recently just got a $20.00 gift card to Sephora I put it to good use and purchased this little baby. Although it is small, the associate there assured me it will last a long time.

Sunday Style: The Shift Dress

I am obsessed with the shift dress. It’s pretty versatile, wear it belted for a more fitted look or leave it undone for a more conservative look. Either way it looks great on anyone. The shift dress is perfect for work or a night out. Keep it simple with light jewelery and flats or dress it up a bit more with a statement necklace and heels.

Being that I am a college student on a budget, I try to make my Sunday Styles affordable finds, therefore, each of these dresses is under $50.00 with the exception of one dress, the Chaya Colorblock dress, which is still under $100.00.

My personal favorite dresses here are the Creme Bead Pattern Cut Out and the Butterfly Twiggy Dress. I have also found the perfect pattern to sew a shift dress and I hope to get to do that sometime soon. I will definitely share with everyone if and when I do that.

If you have a favorite shift dress please do share! I love to hear other thoughts.



If you haven’t heard of the Glam Grab Accessory Auction, you should really look into it! They are only on Facebook, but every Monday evening and Wednesday morning they host an accessory auction. This is where they post picture after picture of current trends in accessories and Facebook followers of their page go on and comment “grab” on the items they would like to purchase. Once the auction is over they then get the contact and billing information from the “grabbers” so they can send out the items! It’s a pretty neat concept if you ask me.

But I am actually going somewhere else with this post. About once a week or so they also post pictures (like the one above) of accessory giveaways. Followers usually have to like, comment on, and share the image on Facebook to be entered into the contest. Well…I did just that with the picture above and about a week later I became the newest owner of these pieces! I was so excited! They posted a comment on the original picture letting everyone know who the winner was and asking them to message them with their shipping information. I was so surprised when I saw my name.

maxu skirt 009 maxu skirt 010 maxu skirt 011

Glam Grab 1456

And to keep on the topic of winning contests…Back in October or November, I entered a similar contest but it was with Painting With a Twist (mentioned here). I commented on, liked, and shared one of their statuses and won! My prize was a gift certificate to PWAT for $90.00 and two tickets to this amazing beer tasting in Tallahassee called BrewFest. The BrewFest was back in October, I took my boyfriend, but today I am finally going to put my gift certificate to use and my roommate and I are going to PWAT tonight to paint the Georgia Poppy! Pictures to come later this evening.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from our Painting With A Twist adventure this evening.

IMG_2126 IMG_2130

Have you ever participated in one of the Glam Grab auctions or have you won one of their contests? What did you purchase and did you absolutely love it?! I definitely love my new watch and bracelet.

Mad About Maxis – Tutorial Tuesday

I want to try something new here…Tutorial Tuesdays. Now, this doesn’t mean I will be posting a tutorial every Tuesday (although that would be fantastic if I could) but when I do post one, it will be on Tuesdays. Hints the name :)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love maxis…skirts and dresses. And as you know by now, I also love floral prints, specifically for spring.

I decided that I was going to take my sewing machine home during spring break so I could make a maxi skirt for this season. But then I decided against bringing it home because I had already packed a lot and didn’t want to burden myself with packing more. Instead, while I was home I searched for the perfect fabric and bought all the supplies I would need to make the maxi skirt. I got home, measured and cut my fabric into skirt panels and pockets and then waited until I got back to school to sew it together. This way, once I got back to school, all I would have to do is sew, saving me a ton of time. I always find that measuring and cutting fabric is the most tedious and time-consuming part about sewing.

Many of the items I sew I follow from online tutorials. I am not the biggest fan of patterns because they are a pain in the butt to cut and fold back up afterwards, even though using a pattern helps you get more accurate measurements. That being said, I made this maxi skirt following this tutorial from A Small Snippet. This is the third item I have sewn following one of her sewing tutorials. The other two were a mini and a maxi dress from this tutorial. Just like my post on the turban headband, I am going to post my own step-by-step pictures of how I made the skirt.


Fabric of your choosing. I purchased 1.5 yards, I am 5’3 and this was more than enough. I had extra room at the bottom to cut out pockets.//Elastic for your waistband. I used a 2″ elastic, mainly because that is what LeAna from A Small Snippet did, but also because I pictured the 2″ looking better than another size.//Matching thread//Scissors//Sewing Machine//Safety pin

maxu skirt 023

1. Measure the part of your waist or hips where you want to top of the skirt to lay. The part of my waist I chose is approximately 30″.

2. Measure how long you want the length of the skirt to be and then add approximately six inches to that. The extra 6 inches is so you have space to hem the bottom of the skirt and fold the top down to create a casing for your elastic.

22nd birthday 004

3. Cut two panels of the skirt. Each panel should be the width of your waist (or hips) you measure from step 1 and the length from step 2. I ended up with two panels each 28.5″ wide and 45″ long. (I would have chosen to cut it 30″ wide but my fabric wasn’t wide enough).

22nd birthday 007

4. This is where you cut your pockets out if you choose to add them. There is a PDF document to cut out of the pocket pattern over at A Small Snippet where the original tutorial is. I chose to trace around my hand and then cut the outline.

maxu skirt 002 maxu skirt 003 maxu skirt 004

5. Now that you have your pockets cut, right sides together, pin two to one of the skirt panels. Make sure the pocket pieces are slanted downward. I pinned mine 6 inches from the top, which is what LeAna did as well. Do this on both the skirt panels.

maxu skirt 014

6. Sew the pockets to the panels with a 1/4 inch seam.

maxu skirt 015

7. Iron the seams.

8. Pin the skirt panels, right side together, with the pockets sticking out.

maxu skirt 016

9. Only sew one side of the panel, making sure to curve around the pocket.

10. Now you have one large skirt panel with a pocket.

maxu skirt 018

11. With the skirt panel laying right side down, fold and iron down 1/4 inch of the fabric at the top. After ironing, fold and iron down another 2 1/2 inches. This will be the casing for your elastic.

maxu skirt 019 maxu skirt 020

12. Sew the bottom edge of the casing.

maxu skirt 021

13. Now pin the panels of the skirt together on the last side, pinning pockets together and following the curve while sewing. Make sure not to sew closed the casing so you can thread the elastic through.

maxu skirt 022

15. If you haven’t cut your elastic yet, do so now. Cut the elastic about 2-4 inches smaller than you waist measurement or wherever you wanted your skirt to sit on you.

maxu skirt 026

14. Now thread the elastic through the casing. This is easiest if you attach a safety pin to lead the elastic through.

maxu skirt 027 maxu skirt 029

15. After you thread the elastic into the casing, sew the ends of it together.

maxu skirt 030

16. Now tuck the raw edges into the casing and sew that up.

maxu skirt 031

17. Now you have a skirt. All that is left is to hem the bottom. Fold the edge over once and iron, then fold and iron again to hide the raw edges.

maxu skirt 035 maxu skirt 036

18. Last but not least, sew the edge and have a finished maxi skirt.


I finished this later in the evening so I don’t have good photos of me wearing it yet. But I promise to post them once I do.


maxi skirt 1459

maxi skirt 1462

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Check out A Small Snippet’s tutorial to follow a few extra steps that I took out, including a lining in the skirt and an extra ruffle in the elastic.

Please share with me if you have any great sewing DIYs or if you try this one. I’d love to see how it turned out and what other great ideas you have.