Fleur de Painting

Sorry I’ve been neglectful for the past few days. Life has been pretty busy and eventful for me. I’ll give you a quick recap:

Saturday: A fraternity on campus has an annual Desperado which is this big event they hold at this neat barn outside of Tallahassee. Not much goes on, but there is food, booze, and a band. It’s essentially a big party. I hadn’t really thought about attending until my roommates asked if I wanted to go with them. But I am glad I went, because it was the first Desperado I have attended my four years here and I figured I needed to go at least once.Desperado

Sunday: I had to work that morning, then I planned to start working on my paper that I had intended on writing on Saturday until Desperado got in the way because it was an all day event. I went running then went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his family for his mom’s birthday. Needless to say, no time for blog writing.

Monday: Same thing. I had class, worked on my paper, went to spin class with my roommate, ran errands, ate dinner, then headed to Painting with a Twist. Which leads us to today’s post….


My sorority has this thing where all the seniors have to attend at least two Senior Programs. These range from fun senior sisterhood PWAT fleurevents and defense classes to presentations on how to dress in the work place or  how to do your taxes. Things that will help you beyond graduation. This semester and last semester I chose to do the event at Painting with a Twist. It’s this really awesome place where you drink wine while you are given step-by-step instructions on how to paint a specific picture. Easy, right? Sometimes not. The picture chosen for our class was the fleur de lis to the right. If you’re still trying to guess which sorority I am in, lets just say that we love fleur de lis.

Last semester’s class was also a fleur de lis, but thankfully a different one so I don’t own two of the same picture. They are similar though.  Both my roommates came to this event as well. While Kayla hated her picture, Meghan’s was great! Kayla decided to go off on her own and paint the fleur the colors to match her stuff in the room, but it didn’t come out quite as intended. But I still think all three of ours looked pretty good. Meghan and I wanted to hang ours up, so we have a wall full of fleur de lis paintings (mine from last semester and then the two of ours from this semester). The middle one is the painting from last semester, then the painting on the left is mine from last night and the one on the right is Meghan’s.


IMG_1945 IMG_1943

Let me know what you think about this. Which painting is your favorite out of the group? I would also love to hear of any neat places that you all enjoy to go to similar to Painting With A Twist. Please share with me!


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