Make a Statement

Image1. Francesca’s 2. Francesca’s 3. ASOS 4. ModCloth 5. Windsor

I love statement necklaces. For every holiday I always ask for them. Sometimes I ask for specific ones and sometimes I just say “I want statement necklaces.”  I think they are great for day time, night time, and perfect for work when they are with the right outfit.

Here are a few of my favorite statement necklaces that I currently own. Please pardon my hot pink comforter:


These are my four favorite statement necklaces that I own, but I do have a lot and I wear them all fairly often. All of the above pictured necklaces are from Francesca’s Collections except the left-most necklace which was actually from Charlotte Russe. I did however take off a few butterfly charms that were on the Charlotte Russe necklace.

Please share with me your thoughts on these necklaces and any of your favorite statement pieces (necklaces or any other items).

“Luck is the residue of design,” Branch Rickey


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