Zac Brown Band

The reason I thought I was going to be unable to post anything yesterday was because my sorority had a date function to the Zac Brown Band concert. I had class all day and then only an hour after class to shower, curl my hair, and do my makeup. But I made it in under an hour…probably record time.


(Me cheesin’ big for the camera)

The concert was a good time. Unfortunately, I am not the biggest fan so I didn’t know too many of the songs, but I did know their more popular songs like Chicken Fried, Knee Deep, Keep Me In Mind, and Toes. My date, aka my boyfriend, had a fantastic time. Not only does he love concerts but he loves Zac Brown Band. He knew every single song and sang along to each one. He even made a set list throughout the concert of all the songs they played and in what order.

Image(In front of the tour bus)

The sorority was able to buy a bunch of tickets all in the same general area and although our seats we high, and by high I mean the very top of the arena, we were able to see pretty well. Needless to say, we were surprised.

Image(This is the view from our original seats)

A little over half way through the concert my boyfriend’s friend who had entrance to one of the boxes came up to get us and brought us down to the box with him. The seats were amazing. We were so much closer to the stage than before, and the box had free beer, wine, burgers, cookies, popcorn, and cracker and cheese platters. If only we had that spot the whole time. Image(This is the view from our new seats in the box.)

Image(Inside of the box after it cleared out when the concert ended)

All in all, I really enjoyed the concert and had a fantastic time. The band was really good and I was swaying/dancing the whole time and singing along to the songs I knew, which I was surprised was more songs than I thought. I may even download some of the band’s songs because I like them more than I thought, too.

What are your favorite Zac Brown Band songs, have you seen them live? Fill me in on what you think about them :)

For all of you Zac Brown Band fans: “Don’t you let regret take place of the dreams you have to chase” – As She’s Walking Away


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