Julep Maven

Now, I know I said I probably wasn’t going to have a post for today but I have a little downtime before my next class. And I got a 94 on my test that I talked about in my last two posts, so I say some downtime is quite deserved!

Here’s something new for you guys…a product review!

I don’t exactly remember how I first heard of Julep Maven but I follow them on Twitter. One day a month or so ago I checked out their website and took their style quiz to see what my style is. I found out that I am Classic with a Twist. I think that is quite accurate, too. Since then I get regular emails from Julep. Now, normally I just look at them and then delete them, sometimes I don’t look at the at all. However, about two weeks ago I received an email from them that caught my eye…”first purchase free!!” I know, I was excited. So I logged on to their website and ordered my first Julep Maven purchase. All I had to pay for was the shipping. Julep members, Mavens as they call them, get free shipping on their orders, but since I wasn’t a full-blown member yet, understandably, I had to pay shipping. But hey, whats $3.99 anyway?

And a few days later I received the cutest little box in the mail…my Julep Maven box. But silly me, I got the box before I started doing this blog so all of the pictures I took I have since deleted because I figured, hey, when am I ever going to use these pictures, HA! The jokes on me, isn’t it? I do have this picture I did save from right after I opened the box. ImageWhat got me thinking of doing this post was the fact that I finally cracked opened the bottles today and used the paints for the first time. Let me just tell you, they are fan-freaking-tastic! The grey color is called Meryl and the pink sparkles is called Barbara. Meryl went on so smooth and I only needed two coats to get the perfect color. The polish itself went on evenly, leaving no streaks and dried in record time compared to so many of my other polishes. Barbara went on just as well. I put several coats on over the grey that was already on the nail so it was covered but still slightly peaking through. ImageThe greatest thing about this box was not just the nail polishes (because I knew those were coming) but the fact that I also got a great cuticle oil that is said to strengthen my nails and maintain my manicure. And the biggest surprise was the fourth item hiding in the ruffles, separate from the nail polishes and cuticle oil (which came in a cute pink wrapping). It is nothing special, just a lip balm, but it is an awesome lip balm. It has SPF 15 and is flavored as vanilla mint. I get a nice tingling when I put it on my lips (in a good way) and they become very smooth. ImageOverall, I really like Julep Maven and the box I received. Mavens sign up for a monthly subscription, $19.99 is taken out each month and a new box arrives at your doorstep for you to enjoy! I was debating canceling it after this first free one but I think I will try it for another month. I’ll be sure to let you all know which fun new colors I get and if I get more surprises.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin


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