Future Blog Topics

So I probably won’t be able to write anything up tomorrow but I really wanted to get some words to paper. However, like all of my other posts, I don’t know what to write about. This might be a common theme for my posts for a while. The thing though, is that once I do come up with something I am able to write a lot. I do have a lot of topics I would like to talk about. I think what I plan to do with this post is write out all of the ideas of things I would like to eventually write on. But I am just not sure how to go about it. So here goes nothing!

  1. Makeup tutorial (video)
  2. Hair tutorial (video)
  3. My fitness plan
  4. Book reviews (maybe?)
  5. Sex and Television (a class I am currently taking)
  6. Outfit of the Days
  7. Fashion updates
  8. Favorite pictures
  9. Favorite videos
  10. Lists of things I find funny
  11. Sewing updates
  12. Cooking/baking/recipe updates
  13. Favorite Public Relations stories
  14. What I am doing at my job as a PR intern
  15. Plans for the future
  16. Sorority stuff

As you can see, I am still trying to find my niche. To find what it is I want to center this blog around. I guess it is basically just about things I like and want to do. It’s not exactly focused on something specific but it is focused on things I like. Hopefully that is what people like and will keep them coming back.

Please let me know if you like any of these ideas, I know they are broad, but that’s where I must start. I would love to hear other ideas that you all would like to hear my perspective on.

Once again, I leave you with this: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” Mae West


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