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Welcome back! At least that’s what I am hoping…that some of you came back for seconds to check out my update for today. Seeing as I am still new to this whole blog thing and I am still fascinated by it, I am going to try to post daily for a little bit. But being that I do have a life, and a semi-busy one at that, I hope to post regularly, but maybe not daily.

Now, remember in my last post when I said writing this blog is a great way procrastinate? Well I finished my paper I mentioned yesterday, but now I have a test to study for. It’s on Thursday. However, it’s a pretty simple class and the tests are relatively easy. In case you were wondering, I am taking International Travel and Culture, it is a neat class and the tests are basic memorization. See, easy peasy.

This is where I express my annoyance with this blog. I typed out a pretty lengthy one earlier this afternoon (while procrastinating), hit the publish button, and nothing happened. I went to my blog to check out what it looked like…nothing. I checked my posts button, nothing. So here I am trying to re-type up everything that I worked on this afternoon. It was basically a post about my favorite blogs. So here we start anew.

There are four blogs that I follow.It’s not a constant thing, but I always make a conscious effort to check out what is new in their worlds on days that I decide I need something else to look at other than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Little Miss Momma
  • Sweet Verbena
  • Love Maegan
  • Undressed Skeleton

The first three blogs I have known about for some time now. Usually over summer and other school vacations I find myself checking out blogs a lot. I like ones with sewing, crafting, tips, ect… Summer Crafts 016

The first blog on my list, Little Miss Momma, is about her life with her 2 young sons. She does a lot of crafting and I have made a few necklaces that she had tutorials about on her site. They are very pretty and I always get compliments when I wear them. Here is a picture of my favorite one that I usually wear with any scoop neck shirt.

Blog number two, Sweet Verbena, is a favorite of mine because it is run by a girl just about a year or so older than me, so everything she has is something I very much like. She has a lot of amazing sewing tutorials, some of which I have duplicated myself. She always has super cute things that I find myself looking up her blog to see if she has anything new that I can do. There is a very cute dress she has on there that I plan on sewing at some point. Maybe over Spring Break? We’ll see…

Love Maegan is the other blog that I have followed for a while. This blog is amazing, it is run by this woman who is super trendy and hip. She posts so many outfits of the day and every one of them is something to be desired. Each outfit is super cute and makes me wish I had her wardrobe. One of my favorite posts Love Maegan does are her hair tutorials. Did I mention she also has perfect hair? Therefore, I feel the need to try all of her hair tutorials and follow the videos to learn for myself.

The fourth blog on my list is a recent blog just started following last week.I found Undressed Skeleton on Pinterest. She has such an inspiring blog. As a child she struggled with weight issues and was often made fun of. However, she one day found a routine that helped her lose the weight in a healthy and safe way. Now she is super fit and posts great healthy and delicious recipes, almost daily. They all look great although I haven’t tried any for myself yet. I will definitely be sure to let you all know when I do and how it comes out.

I hope you all check out these blogs and can see why I liked them. They are great. Are there any blogs that you all follow? Please share them with me and tell me why they are so great :) I always love finding new great blogs and bloggers to follow.

Until my next post, I want to leave you all with this: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” Oscar Wilde.


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