What’s Trending in Room 17

So very recently I have discovered the Taylor Swift Trouble video…Goat Edition.

Which I then showed to my roommates (we live in room 17 in our sorority house, hints the names), who then died laughing. Needless to say, we make goat sounds at each other now.

Last night we were all up decently late studying and writing papers so randomly whenever it was time for a study break we turned on the Taylor Swift Trouble video…Goat Edition. And then we found the Miley Cyrus Party in the USA…Goat Edition. And then another friend sent us a link to even MORE goat editions of songs. These are our favorites:

Now I know some of you may not find these as funny as we did, but the Taylor Swift one was the first one we saw and it was so unexpected, therefore, it became hilarious. Please share with me any funny videos you have encountered lately. I don’t usually watch funny internet videos unless someone shows them to me or posts them. So help me out and share your favorites :)


Make a Statement

Image1. Francesca’s 2. Francesca’s 3. ASOS 4. ModCloth 5. Windsor

I love statement necklaces. For every holiday I always ask for them. Sometimes I ask for specific ones and sometimes I just say “I want statement necklaces.”  I think they are great for day time, night time, and perfect for work when they are with the right outfit.

Here are a few of my favorite statement necklaces that I currently own. Please pardon my hot pink comforter:


These are my four favorite statement necklaces that I own, but I do have a lot and I wear them all fairly often. All of the above pictured necklaces are from Francesca’s Collections except the left-most necklace which was actually from Charlotte Russe. I did however take off a few butterfly charms that were on the Charlotte Russe necklace.

Please share with me your thoughts on these necklaces and any of your favorite statement pieces (necklaces or any other items).

“Luck is the residue of design,” Branch Rickey